Elon Musk says Twitter is fixing its Elon Musk tweet problem

Following that episode, Musk tweeted that a fix was coming after a "long day at Twitter HQ with eng team.

Twitter is fixing its tweet issue with Elon Musk

If you're using the "To Me" tab on Twitter instead of the "Following" timeline tab, you may have noticed a problem. Many users must have noticed that the algorithm processes Elon Musk's tweets and displays replies whether they follow him or not. Twitter's CEO effectively confirmed the matter, saying, "Please stay tuned as we tweak this… 'algorithm.'

I assume that Musk is joking with the quoted "algorithm" that the person, perhaps himself, is actually responsible for the change. That's no exaggeration, given that Elon's foreplay came not long after Musk complained about cutting his own engagement short.

Following the episode, Musk tweeted that the fix was coming "after a long day with our team at Twitter HQ." He said 95 percent of his tweets didn't make it to the next feed because of the so-called "forking" and are now being redirected to another service. He also noted that the referral algorithm does not work well and "accounts with a large number of subscribers are being thrown out".

There's no word yet on why Twitter switched from Musk Lite to All Time Elon, but the problem seems to have been resolved. In the meantime, you can disable Mask (at least temporarily) or use the feed below to only see the tweets you want when they appear. 

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