Russian Hackers Leak STALKER 2 Game Material, Threaten to Release Gigabytes More

GSC Game World's upcoming game Stalker 2 has been targeted by Russian hackers who are threatening to leak gigabytes of game content.


GSC Game World's upcoming game Stalker 2 has been targeted by Russian hackers who are threatening to leak gigabytes of game content. The developer is now facing a difficult situation as these hackers are threatening to release more game content if their demands are not met.

The hackers posted their threats and demands on the Russian social media site, claiming that a "large amount of content" related to STALKER 2 had been leaked, including the full story, cutscenes, concept art, and world maps. , more teeth. To prove that their threats are real, the team shared several images that were allegedly taken during the development of the game.

The leaked images have the gaming community worried as they could spoil the game's wonders and hurt the studio's sales, but GSC Game World has yet to respond to the situation. The STALKER 2 release schedule is still TBA, but this latest leak could push it further.

They claim that the total amount of leaked material is estimated at several tens of gigabytes. Hackers' demands include changing the game developers' attitude towards players in Russia and Belarus, restoring Russian localization, and apologizing for exploiting players in those countries. They even ask the developer to unblock the "NF Star" profile from their discord server. The group has given game developers until March 15 to comply with their demands or face the consequences.

STALKER 2 has faced various challenges during the development phase, including financial difficulties, the coronavirus, and most recently the aftermath of the Russian-Ukrainian war. However, it seems that the developers are committed to their goal.

It remains to be seen how the developers of STALKER 2 will respond to the leaks and claims and how this will affect the game's appearance. Although the release date of the game is unknown, fans can hope that the situation will be resolved soon and the game will be worth the wait.

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