How to get early access Google's AI Chat Bot "Bard"

Google Opens up Bard AI for Early Access; Learn How to Sign up Here!

How to get early access to Google's AI Chat Bot "Bard"

Google has announced the launch of its competitor, ChatGPT Bard. However, since the company is launching with a limited public release, you won't be able to access the product right away.

UNITED KINGDOM. And US users can visit to join the waiting list. The company calls Bard "an early experiment that enables collaboration with creative AI."

Like OpenAI's ChatGPT and Microsoft's Bing chatbot, Bard is a chatbot built on a large language model. You can interact with the bard to ask questions and refine your answer with more questions.

Bard can help you increase your productivity, accelerate your ideas, and spark your curiosity. You can ask Bard for tips to help you achieve your goals: read more books this year, explain quantum physics in simple terms, or spark your creativity by writing a blog post," said Sissy Xiao, Google's vice president of product, and Eli, the company's vice president. Research at Google. Collins wrote on his blog.

When Google first announced Bard last month, it was nothing more than a lengthy blog post written by Google CEO Sundar Pichai. The model used in Bard is based on Google's own LaMDA (Language Model for Conversational Applications). The company uses a lightweight and streamlined version of LaMDA.

At a conference in Paris, Google explained that Bard works particularly well for "NORA" or "no answer" requests. Of course, conversational AI also raises questions of accuracy, resources, and ethical distance.

Google shared screenshots of its chatbot product in a blog post. Users are initially presented with an empty chat box with a disclaimer below it: "Bard may display incorrect or offensive information that does not reflect the views of Google."

Image Credits: Google

There are many hint examples, but users can type anything into the text field. Bart then downloads the response and displays them all at once. Bart doesn't appear to write verbatim responses, but Google says it works like other AI chatbots. The next word builds on the previous words.

You can give a thumbs up or down below the answer, continue the conversation, or click the Google It button to go to Google search.

Unlike Microsoft's Bing chatbot, Bard does not have web resource footers. These footnotes help you check that your answer is correct. If you're not satisfied with the bard's answer, Google gives you the option to see more answers to the same question. To download more answers, click View More Drafts in the upper right corner.

Bard is now a separate product of the Google search engine. I can't seem to interact with Bard from the search results. But Bard is sure to fuel the debate about plagiarism and the relationship between Google and third-party sites. This is not a new problem. Google is currently working to provide instant answers on without having to visit another website.

In other words, today's limited release of the bird is the first step in a long process. It will be interesting to see how people interact with the product once it's widely available, and how regulators and content creators feel about Google's new product.

Image Credits: Google

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