Microsoft-OpenAI surprise event today: ChatGPT-powered Bing launch event?

Microsoft-OpenAI surprise event today: ChatGPT-powered Bing launch event?

 ChatGPT-powered Bing launch event?

The latest reports are about the upcoming integration of Bing search engine and ChatGPT. Minutes after Google announced its own ChatGPT-like Bart service, Microsoft announced a new OpenAI launch event. Keep in mind that Google is holding an unveiling event on February 8th, where the company is likely to showcase its new AI-powered search engine and capabilities.

The event will take place at Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, California at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET or 11:30 PM EST, where Microsoft is likely to announce several new features with its OpenAI integration, ChaGPT. The highlight of the event was the announcement of ChatGPT-based Bing to use Alphabet's Google search engine.

According to The Vergine, the invitation states that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will "share some exciting project results." Accordingly, expect a number of announcements between Microsoft and OpenAI during the event, including the announcement of OpenAI as Microsoft's exclusive cloud provider, SatGBT integration in pink, and more. OpenAI is rumored to announce the next generation of ChatGPT 4 at the event, which will be available exclusively on Bing.

In addition to launching the OpenAI-powered search engine, Microsoft is reportedly working on integrating ChatGPT with some of its services, such as Office 365, Groups, and Outlook. In the coming days, many Microsoft services are likely to benefit from various artificial intelligence services developed by OpenAI.

How can I watch the online Microsoft OpenAI event?
Microsoft has not announced a live stream of the upcoming event. This will be a physical event at the company's headquarters.

When does the Microsoft event start?
The Microsoft OpenAI event starts at 11:30 PM EST.

What to expect from the Microsoft OpenAI event?
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is likely to announce new products and services on OpenAI products such as B.ChatGPT.

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