Apple iOS 16.4 iPhone Update Has 21 Cool Emoji, Including 1 Real Shocker

As well as 21 emoji, we can expect updates to the Apple Music app, web app notifications and improvements to HomeKit.

Apple iOS 16.4 iPhone Update Has 21 Cool Emoji, Including 1 Real Shocker

iOS 16.3.1 was released soon, but Apple released the first developer beta of its next big product, iOS 16.4. I expect this to be the next release for iPhone users (barring a minor bug fix update) in March or April (Apple has just announced spring).

Expect updates to the Apple Music app, web app notifications, HomeKit improvements, and 21 emojis. There's no sign of that yet, but could it happen when smart voice recognition is added to the HomePod?

We'll talk more about what to expect later, but the main focus here is the gorgeous new emojis.

  • New pushing hand emoji for iOS 16.4.

  • New smiley Emoji

There's only one smiley, and that's a head shake. It's so well done that I can't look at it without blinking, my eyes, mouth, and eyebrows are blurred. I think my phone screen is broken. This is useful when you want to show that you are shocked. Or talk about earthquakes or loud noises.

There are two hand gestures, right hand and left hand. Perfect for holding hands or creating "stop for love" moments. According to Emojipedia, the three new heart colors include pink, which has been in demand for years.

  • Animal And Nature Emoji

They are always design highlights and are followed by emojis of a new nature. The first is the moose, highlighting the beautiful and rich details that Apple is known for. Look into those compassionate eyes. Donkey on the left. And two birds: a black bird with a wild tail and a silly graceful duck. There is also a wing, its shadow colors as bright and ambiguous as its form. If you're planning to fly, there are fun alternatives to flying. Finally a jellyfish. Well, the jellyfish scares me, but this one, while its tentacles are a little annoying, seems mostly harmless.

Few plants are found in nature. Hyacinth, pea pods and ginger are found here. Ginger almost looks like a running person, the elevator can send Ginger towards you. And the peas in the pod should be fleshy.

  • Other Emoji

Need a fan or hair straightener? Apple has you covered. Fan is a masterpiece of subtle but precise anatomical imaging. New instruments include flute and maraca. Finally, there is the khanda, the symbol of Sikhism and the symbol of the brightly lit radio sign and an oddly shiny wireless symbol emoji.

Design is subject to change and may change between now and final release. Note that if someone using iOS 16.3 or earlier and iOS 16.4 beta sends one of the new emojis, it will not appear.

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